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TV Shows Most Likely to Be Mentioned:

  • Hart of Dixie
  • Downton Abbey
  • Revenge
  • The Good Wife
  • Grimm
  • Covert Affairs


Couples Most Likely to Be Mentioned

  • Zoe & Wade (Hart of Dixie)


Music & Artists Most Likely to Be Mentioned

  • Daughtry
  • P!nk
  • Maroon 5

My preview of the 2nd episode of Outlander. 

My advance preview of Reckless

I know that you believe that we don’t have a future together. But, Wade Kinsella, you are just so wrong. And I’m gonna prove it

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First, a disclaimer: I have a really difficult time watching relationship angst. I don’t enjoy it. Most of the fanfic I read is fluff. I don’t like to be voluntarily depressed.

All you TV purists are gonna hate me: but I just watched the season 3 finale of Hart of Dixie. I couldn’t help it. I…

I hate the idea of a George/Lemon/Lavon triangle.  I really hope that Lavon was just there to get closure.  Whether he ends up with AB or not, we’ll have to see.  I still tend to think it will go back that way.  AB is still in love with him.  I think that George and Lemon will be endgame.  At this point, Lavon and Lemon remind me too much of George and Zoe.  I just can’t see them.  Too much time has passed.  And I think their time has come and gone much like it had for George and Zoe.


Tonight, I’m gonna start the last episode of Hart of Dixie’s 2nd season & I just want to know when, oh, when is Zoe gonna give up on her George obsession? I like the guy & all, but it’s so glaringly obvious that Wade is the one for her. Everyone seems to know that, but Zoe. And maybe Wade.

I believe the season 2 finale is the end of the George obsession.  Although in season 3 it is replaced by Zoe’s new “love of her life”, Joel.  A nice guy who overstayed his welcome and thus makes season 3 a season that you will have to mostly grin and bear to get through.  Season 3 is most definitely a tough one to get through for Wade and Zoe fans, but there is light at the very long and dark tunnel that is season 3.

We’re gonna drive each other crazy sometimes. But you got to remember, that’s part of what brought us together in the first place.