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  • Zoe & Wade (Hart of Dixie)


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"A sort of certainty, one I’ve never felt before. Someone’s always going to be looking out for me now, no matter what."


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Thoughts on Kenna and Bash? I love their dynamic so much, there's a ship load of potential there if the writers do it right. I've been watching Reign on and off since the pilot and as lovely as Francis/Mary are, these two are the ones that have captured my heart and kept me glued to my seat for the past two episodes (including 1x18). :)
tap76 tap76 Said:

I mostly watch Reign casually.  I love historical fiction.  Up until Kenna and Bash, I wasn’t interested in any of the romantic pairings on the show.  I’ve been more interested in the political intrigue.  I’ve actually found the Bash/Mary/Francis triangle to take away a lot from the show. 

I love Kenna and Bash though.  There is so much potential with that pairing.  They are the only romantic pairing that has actually got me excited to see where things can go.  I like that Bash didn’t actually really exist so his character isn’t constrained by history like Mary or Francis is.  He is an open book that they can explore.  I also love the potential for Bash and Kenna to be forced together and then end up falling in love.  There is a lot of chemistry between them.  They are sweet.  I also like the protective side that we are seeing from Bash toward Kenna.  And Kenna seems more vulnerable.  I haven’t really liked her much in the past because she seemed selfish, but now they are starting to show other sides to her.  I really hope they give this pairing a real chance because I think they have something good there.  I’m also happy to see the B/M/F triangle toned down.  I’m not a fan of Mary/Bash because I can’t see it going anywhere and I feel it limits Bash’s character.  He’ll forever being the one pining for someone he can never have.  I think he has a real shot at finding happiness with Kenna.

Because you are my wife.

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The sass is strong in this one.

I will always defend you. Because you are my wife.